time for: highlander 4×16 methuselah’s gift! as usual I have no memory of this place, but I see this recently voted “best methos episode” by the denizens of, and *my dad voice* if you can’t trust that what CAN you trust!!

“you got some sort of house rule about dating the help?” look methos I’m not saying I’m not fully onboard the besotted idiot train but. welcome to the 20th century my man that WOULD very much be a reasonable rule to have

if I’m understanding this setup correctly an immortal lives forever at the age they were when they first died? in which case I am 100% on the side of the guy who wants to kill Claudia, it seems actively cruel to know she’s going to live forever and leave it up to chance whether she gets frozen before or after the inevitable carpal tunnel/arthritis etc sets in?

highlander 4×11 time for alexa!!! also, I do actually remember my teacher saying he never touched the pianos at juilliard because they all had razor blades hidden in between the keys, so claudia’s “they want to kill me for my pianist swag” assumption actually seems reasonable