Community I want: “Pervert the prompt,” where each week features a new fluffy, innocent-seeming prompt which participants must thoroughly desecrate via smut, angst, warn-able content, etc.

This idea brought to you by my brainstorming for today’s prompt “gingerbread.”

Unsubscribing amnesty!

I mean, every day is unsubscribing amnesty day because I don’t check or care.

But it seems worth saying now, when so many of us are coming back to Dreamwidth and trying to take it from a half-forgotten site that we check once a month and wonder who everyone is, to a primary fannish platform (ideally) full of your current preferred type of fannish content. And there’s no tag blacklisting on here, so if you’re still friends with someone because you added them a decade ago when you all hopped off livejournal, and they’ve moved on fannishly, there isn’t any way of avoiding stuff you’re not interested in and didn’t sign up for on your reading page.

So here it is: you’ve probably gathered that I’m in Sherlock fandom now, and if that’s not your jam, I do not mind in the slightest if you opt out!

Fic: Boredom

Well, I dunno if I made it better, but I certainly made it stranger! Boredom, in which the boredom in question belongs to John, and many of the proposed solutions are Not Good. (Maybe this is a 3+1 fic? “Three terrible solutions to boredom, and one good one”? :P)

Partita/Got Milk?

Yesterday’s ficlet, for the prompt “music”: Partita, in which Lestrade kips on the couch at Baker Street. He gets some relationship advice and, against all odds, a good nights’ sleep. I was iffy on this one but a commenter said it was their favourite of my ficlets so far, so that’s nice to hear! (I could also really, really get used to posting fic every night and waking up every morning to comments… except I need to stop going to bed at 2 AM every night, so I probably shouldn’t.)

Other fic news, I GOT MY HOLMESTICE GIFT! Got Milk? is a delightful early-season Elementary slice of life told in post-it notes and also the pins attached to the post-it notes. Thank you, anonymous author/artist! <3 <3 <3

Fabulous post: on showing up in new spaces, and continuing to show up even when it’s awkward and you don’t quite have a place at first.

we need to keep turning up, making the occasional ‘cookie offering’, showing a willingness to join in, just becoming a regular and therefore recognized and accepted. It’s like enticing a cat out of hiding. (The cat can either be you or the members of the group you are joining!) You have to be patient and watch and wait, let it get to know that you are no threat, that you mean well, not harm.

I know I felt/still feel that way about coming back to fandom in general, and I think a lot of people are feeling out of place and scared because of the tumblr migration, and this is a great reminder that it will be okay. It just takes time.

Fic: Muscle Memory

I sat down at 11:30 to write yesterday’s ficlet and ended up with 2200 words, which is maybe pushing the bounds of the concept of “ficlet.” It reads as very unedited, which is is since by the time it was finished it was 1:30 and I barely had the brainpower to read it over once to see if it made sense, let alone check if used the same word twice in one sentence or whatever. But, I do really like the concept (obviously, since I accidentally wrote quite a bit of it…) Muscle Memory, for the prompt “memory,” in which John joins a recreational rugby league and convinces Sherlock to take up ballet again. (Can you tell the author has some ~feelings~ about adults in sport?)


I’m trying to bring the habit of posting smaller snippets throughout the day, like you would on tumblr or twitter or pillowfort, to dreamwidth. There’s no reason not to; traditionally longer posts have been the norm here, but I think that’s just not how most of us write about our daily lives any more.

I still dunno how exactly posting fic on here is going to work. For some reason people really seem to like ficlets being posted to tumblr, which as a relatively new tumblr user is baffling to me– why would you read it on tumblr when you could read it on the archive? I don’t get it, but I’ve been posting my advent ficlets to tumblr and people are actually liking and reblogging them, which is rather nice! I don’t think it makes a ton of sense to post the text of a fic to DW like it’s Ye Olden Days, though, so I’ll just link today’s ficlet, for the prompt “snowman,” featuring John being cuddly and impressed, gratuitous Dancing Men references, and being mean to Dan Brown.

Some good stuff on dreamwidth today:

‘s post on fannish migration and what the next fannish platform could look like

aaaaaaand a Sherlock friending meme! Hooray!

fannish housekeeping I guess?

Welp, the tumblr exodus has finally arrived. And has led to me going through my dreamwidth and realizing the downside to a functioning archival system for posts is that, uh, people can find shit you posted in high school. HORROR.

Also, my tags are a mess and I don’t know how to use tags on any platform any more. (Thus reccing my Advent ficlets with the advice, “don’t let the title and lack of tags dissuade you!” Yeah that’s a me problem probably…)

…my account also still automatically crossposts to LJ, which I should probably go ahead and delete if I can figure out how to get into it.