A podcast of transformative works, conversations, and communities by Bees, Hope and Tei

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7: Why didn't he eat the nail polish grapes?



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6: Lithuanian sourdough, magical realism, and meditations on love and illness



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5: I'm sorry, and also I'm going to keep on doing it.



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4: It doesn't matter if Benedict Cumberbatch thinks you're dumb!


We answer your questions about crossovers and The Johnlock Conspiracy, and discuss the third episode of Season 1 of Hannibal. Feel free to use the chapter markers to jump around if you just totally don't care about TJLC (which is a fair viewpoint to have!

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3: There's nothing to accomplish!


Today we answer questions, talk about fandom events, fic and writing!

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2: If you're drowning while somebody watches, is it better if they laugh or cry?


In which Will Graham is That Teacher, Hannibal subscribes to a dubious religion, FBI-assigned nightgowns are still dumb, and Freddie Lounds is naked.

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1: Value yourself as much as a serial killing cannibal!


In which Hope and Tei hear each others' voices for the first time, Hope reveals her California-ness, Tei reveals her weird real life job, Will Graham probably gets pinkeye, and Hannibal Lecter is an icon of self-care.

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