Good Omens

  • Postlapsarian: Crawley carries out his second Temptation of creation. And its sequel, the bum’s as holy as the seraphim, where Aziraphale gets him back.
  • Ex Libris: You let yourself be press-ganged into a nipple piercing by a gaggle of Victorian debutantes?
  • The Private Collection: While Crowley sleeps away the late 1800s, Aziraphale starts a new category in his bookstore.
  • Auto Maintenance, ft. Bentley sex, wing kink, and indelible angel jizz.
  • Neutral Ground, a story I wrote immediately after watching the entire first series in a single night and completely misunderstanding the ending.
  • Ineffabilis Opus, In which Aziraphale of Good Omens personally destroyed Pompeii, and then wrote the Cambridge Latin Course series of textbooks.