Sherlock Holmes

  • The Malingering Detective: Culverton Smith is arrested, Victor Savage is alive and well, and Sherlock Holmes is not quite so under the weather as he appears.
  • A Temporary Lapse in Observational Skill: Holmes and Watson– country-dwellers, beekeepers, experimenters, and sometimes even detectives– visit the city for a concert. A run-in with an old friend corrects some assumptions about a long-ago case.
  • The Solitary Vice: John Watson is a doctor. He knows– or has read, at least– of the many diseases of body and mind caused by masturbation. How can a medical man in good conscience dispense, however reluctantly, advice he is not able to follow? Watson resolves to put aside the vice; Holmes has other ideas.
  • The Gallows: Another murderer brought to justice, another hanging.
  • One Out Of a Thousand Apologies: Sherlock Holmes returns from the dead, and requires some help to look like his old self again. (Russian translation on Ficbook here.)
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