Symbasis ‘verse (ancient history AU):
  • Symbasis: 332 BC; the world is being torn apart and remade. The ripper of Carthage thinks to help with the tearing; a desert prophet is ready to be remade.
  • Egersis: A series of sequel-ish explorations to Symbasis, written in response to a ficlet prompt fest.
Stories about death:
Stories about music:
Bedelia stories:
  • Substitute: Bedelia doms Hannibal, who gets both exactly and not at all what he asked for.
  • vulnerable birds: Bedelia and Will agree to a standing appointment, late-S3.
  • Coercion: Bryan said Hannibal and Bedelia boned in Italy; this is my version of what that would have looked like.
  • Becoming: a crossover with Sex Education where Jean Milburn is Bedelia’s post-canon alias/alter-ego.
  • Cannibals: Dr. Hannibal Lecter professed to know nothing about these matters. The president and the conductor of the Philharmonic testified that they could not recall the fare at Dr. Lecter’s dinner, though Lecter was known for the excellence of his table and had contributed numerous articles to gourmet magazines. The president of the Philharmonic subsequently was treated for anorexia and problems related to alcohol dependency at a holistic nerve sanitarium in Basel. -The Silence of the Lambs
  • faith/darkness: a first attempt at a Bedelia/Jack story. Bears similar themes to the next one, but not identical.
  • once we were dangerous and now: All that Bedelia du Maurier and Jack Crawford have in common is having been left behind.
Abigail stories:
  • Family Ties: incestuous murder family story where Abigail wants the parts of Hannibal that Will gets, Will wants the parts of Hannibal that Abigail gets, Will and Abigail want the sibling they never had, and Hannibal just wants his murder children however he can get them.
  • what monsters are: it’s normal for teenagers to have crushes on authority figures. It’s not a problem unless you’re Abigail Hobbs.
Coronavirus stories:
Stories in some way involving the 2020 US presidential election:
  • all ye who enter here, written during the period in between the close of voting and the announcement of Biden’s victory, about Will Graham doing the same damn thing in that period as the entire rest of the world.
  • no relation with the hotel, my contribution to the brief but illustrious genre of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping AU, and my only fic (to the best of my knowledge) sufficiently plugged-in to the cultural moment to have been name-replace plagiarized.
Kinkmeme fills
  • Every Good Boy Deserves [CENSORED]: Will sarcastically uses the word “Daddy,” and discovers Hannibal is into it.
  • ashtrays and time and the rules of disorder: Hannibal’s one vice— besides, well, murder— is smoking the occasional cigarette.
  • out of the question: “If it’s a passion thing, if it’s something you’re passionate about, you have to use your hands. There’s no way around it. A gun is out of the question. You’ve got to use your hands. If it’s personal life, yes, hands.” -Mads Mikkelsen (AKA: Will carries a gun. Hannibal doesn’t like it.)
  • rights of ownership: Will develops a thing for sticking things in Hannibal’s mouth.
  • Joining the Pack: Petplay born out of Hannibal’s jealousy for Will’s dogs.
  • Interanthrope: They switch every full moon. It’s not much of a curse.
  • Holomorphic: Hannibal takes what he wants from Will, and Will takes what he wants from Hannibal. (BDSM, asexual!Will.)
  • man’s best friend: Will buys Hannibal a stuffed toy.
  • a place for us: Hannibal on the mend after the pool scene in Mukozuke, jerking off to vivid fantasies of his near-death experience.
  • fate and circumstance: Hannibal cuts Will open. Again.
  • ayin tachat ayin: But if there is serious injury you are to take life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, bruise for bruise. -Exodus 21
  • The Turkey Baster Method: Alana and Margot celebrate Mason’s death with an insemination and some hotdogs.
  • Prepper: Alana and Hannibal have a deal, and she hasn’t forgotten it.
Molly stories:
  • Stray: Hannibal is on trial, Freddie is on her game, and Will gets a rescue just when he needs it most. The beginning of Will and Molly’s relationship…
  • Tis the Season: …and the end of it.
Short AUs:
  • mightily beating wings: AU where Will’s encephalitis progresses a little further before he ever meets Hannibal.
  • Impardonable Gluttony: AU where Will’s pack are rabbits, not dogs.
  • left hand: about that extra finger…
  • Sangservi: Will is a vampire.
  • a company device: Will gets an iPad. This was written in reference to a short-lived cultural phenomenon in Hannibal fandom and probably means nothing any more. Some people said it made them sad, though.
  • Behaviorism: They were murder husbands all along.
  • Here Kitty Kitty: the Tiger King AU.
  • Successful Psychiatry: Hannibal builds his person suit, chemical by chemical. (i.e.: what if he was on drugs all along?)
Short post-S3 works:
Missing scenes, etc:
  • The Pig’s Experience: After the branding, there’s one more thing to be done to a Verger pig. (Hannibal/Cordell, rape.)
  • Simple: When Will meets Hannibal Lecter, he realizes that Hannibal might be the best thing to ever happen to his career: because Will is finally, finally having sexual fantasies about something other than the killers he catches.
  • a good woman: The year after Willy moves to the big city to join the pigs, Will Graham Sr. tries to settle down with a good woman.
  • breaking and entering, inspired by the news story in which the ever-inspirational Florida Man “wakes to find burglar sucking his toes, deputies say”
Outsider Perspectives:
Other Hannibal Extended Universe stories: