Alexander stuff:

  • theia mania: Alexander, being a god, goes in cycles like a celestial body. (In which the question of "was Alexander the Great divine or just crazy?" is answered with a resounding "why not both?")
  • the sons of dreams outlive the sons of seed: a story partially based on Mary Renault's The Persian Boy and also on this lecture, in which the daughter of Alexander and Thelestris visits Egypt.
  • a commonplace event: a letter from Alexander to Ada of Caria detailing the two most important milestones of a young boy's life: his first abortion, his first crucifixion.

Hannibal AUs:

  • Symbasis: A Hannibal AU. 332 BC; the world is being torn apart and remade. The ripper of Carthage thinks to help with the tearing; a desert prophet is ready to be remade. This is, to be fair, also to a large extent an Alexander Thing.
  • Egersis: A series of sequel-ish explorations to Symbasis, written in response to a ficlet prompt fest.
  • Long Live the Knife, in which Will Graham is a castrato at the court of Frederick the Great, and Hannibal is a court keyboardist.

Cambridge Latin stuff:

  • Ineffabilis Opus, In which Aziraphale of Good Omens personally destroyed Pompeii, and then wrote the Cambridge Latin Course series of textbooks.